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Carlin was a high school dropout who got court-martialed from the Air Force for smoking a joint and taking a nap inside a B bomber. After his discharge, he smoked weed regularly for the rest of his life, and credited it with inspiring some of his best comedic thinking. More than just a brilliant, boundary-pushing stand-up comic, Lenny Bruce was a free-speech martyr who faced arrest multiple times for obscenity in the early s.

He addressed sex, religion, politics, cannabis, and other controversial subjects in a free-form, improvisational stage setting.

When he returned home, he fell in with a set of bohemian, grass-smoking comedians and hipsters in Los Angeles, a scene that would profoundly influence his jazz-like riffing style. Many venues refused to book him, several cities banned him outright, and he eventually died of a depression-fueled drug overdose while awaiting a four-month prison sentence for telling jokes.

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But he was ahead of his time and his comedic legacy and influence live on to this day. Cannabis has also played a key role in her creative process. Dave Chappelle began performing stand-up comedy while a teenager, and even landed a small part in the Mel Brooks film Robin Hood: Men in Tights. The endearing story of a group of best buds who start dealing pot to raise money to bail a friend out of jail, Half Baked re-defined the stoner comedy for a new generation and made Chappelle a weed icon.

Tracing the dark forces behind prohibition revealed a conspiracy among law enforcement and Big Pharma, who use the prison-industrial-complex to create a mini-police state in America and to exert social control over a consciousness-raising plant that the establishment considers an existential threat to the status quo. Well, shit, you can abuse cheeseburgers too.

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I could jam a fork into my eyeball, does that mean forks should be illegal? This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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11 Weed Hacks For The Resourceful Stoner

Sort order. Apr 03, Jessica Van Vleet rated it it was ok. It was okay. Some of the jokes made me laugh out loud, some made me roll my eyes. A lot of them seemed to have come from blonde jokes, and just switched them to stoner jokes. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Cris Hendrix.

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Cris Hendrix. Books by Cris Hendrix. Personally, I'd give Jolly Ranchers a try — but pretty much any kind of candy or mint will work well, too. It's indescribably delicious, and it also helps combat both cotton mouth and the munchies.

Lenny Bruce

But if I have access to a penny and any kind of pill bottle, it doesn't have to keep me from getting lifted. I clean the penny or whatever coin with rubbing alcohol first because money is notoriously gross , then drop a nugget or two in an empty pill bottle with the clean penny, pop the bottle's lid into place, and shake.

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The munchies can be overpowering. But when I'm able to plan my highs around my meals particularly if I just wait to smoke until I'm about to eat dinner , then I'm able to avoid the over-indulging that is often associated with smoking marijuana. The food also tastes even more delicious, and I'm actually likely to have a better sense of when I'm full when I eat with a spirit of high mindfulness.

I'm by no means suggesting you should go all Ilana Wexler and hide weed in your body cavities.

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  7. Also, running out of weed really isn't that big of a deal, unless you're using it to treat a medical condition. That said, I still think it's nice to have a back-up stash sometimes. Especially because, in true stoner fashion, I sometimes forget about it for a good while and then happen upon it at the most opportune time. Just don't forget to store it well mason jars are great and keep it somewhere your pets and young relatives won't find it.

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