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Feelings, not facts, are what matter in this sort of campaigning. And if your opponents focus on trying to show your facts are wrong, they have to fight on the ground you have chosen. Post-truth politics has many parents.

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Some are noble. The questioning of institutions and received wisdom is a democratic virtue. A sceptical lack of deference towards leaders is the first step to reform. The collapse of communism was hastened because brave people were prepared to challenge the official propaganda.

Truth and memory, art and propaganda

But corrosive forces are also at play. One is anger. Many voters feel let down and left behind, while the elites who are in charge have thrived. They are scornful of the self-serving technocrats who said that the euro would improve their lives and that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

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Popular trust in expert opinion and established institutions has tumbled across Western democracies. Post-truth has also been abetted by the evolution of the media see Briefing. The fragmentation of news sources has created an atomised world in which lies, rumour and gossip spread with alarming speed. Lies that are widely shared online within a network, whose members trust each other more than they trust any mainstream-media source, can quickly take on the appearance of truth. Presented with evidence that contradicts a belief that is dearly held, people have a tendency to ditch the facts first.

Well-intentioned journalistic practices bear blame too. When politics is like pro-wrestling, society pays the cost.

The Harsh Truth About Going to Art School

Policy is complicated, yet post-truth politics damns complexity as the sleight of hand experts use to bamboozle everyone else. It is tempting to think that, when policies sold on dodgy prospectuses start to fail, lied-to supporters might see the error of their ways. The worst part of post-truth politics, though, is that this self-correction cannot be relied on. When lies make the political system dysfunctional, its poor results can feed the alienation and lack of trust in institutions that make the post-truth play possible in the first place.

Humility and the acknowledgment of past hubris would help. The truth has powerful forces on its side. Any politician who makes contradictory promises to different audiences will soon be exposed on Facebook or YouTube.

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If an official lies about attending a particular meeting or seeking a campaign donation, a trail of e-mails may catch him out. Democracies have institutions to help, too. Independent legal systems have mechanisms to establish truth indeed, Melania Trump has turned to the law to seek redress for lies about her past. So, in their way, do the independent bodies created to inform policy—especially those that draw on science. If Mr Trump loses in November, post-truth will seem less menacing, though he has been too successful for it to go away.

Where the Truth Lies: The Art of Qiu Ying | LACMA

The deeper worry is for countries like Russia and Turkey, where autocrats use the techniques of post-truth to silence opponents. Cast adrift on an ocean of lies, the people there will have nothing to cling to. For them the novelty of post-truth may lead back to old-fashioned oppression. Claude Monet, The Canoe on the Epte , about Photo by Eduardo Ortega.

The Denver Art Museum will be home to the most comprehensive U.

Monet traveled more extensively than any other impressionist artist in search of new motifs. His journeys to varied places including the rugged Normandy coast, the sunny Mediterranean, London, the Netherlands, and Norway inspired artworks that will be featured in the presentation. This creative process simultaneously established an intimacy with his subject, which culminated later in Giverny, where he created his own motif through meticulous planning, planting, and nurturing of his flowers and plants, which he then translated onto the canvas.

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