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By our count, there are but two sequels waiting to have oil rubbed on their backs this summer — one featuring an evil lord named Vader, the other featuring an evil lord named Schneider — so the season has that going for it, which is nice. Of the something movies scheduled to play this summer, few will warm the hearts of the most air-conditioned critics. The following previews are written by Bill Gallo, Luke Y.

Thompson and Robert Wilonsky. Having been bred in captivity, these animals are out of their league in a natural habitat.

Hilarity ensues. Why it will be fabulous: The computer-animation style, which looks like weird origami, gives the trailer a unique look. Why it will be dreadful: Every single member of the voice cast tends to be an over-the-top scene-stealer, which could get mighty tiresome. Ah, if only. Why it will be fabulous: Paul Giamatti might get to win that Oscar next year for his strong supporting turn. Why it will be fabulous: This no-holds-barred French slasher has already been a horror hit internationally.

Why it will be dreadful: The version being released here has been trimmed for an R rating and dubbed into English. Why it will be fabulous: Rodriguez likes playing with toys, and 3-D fits the bill. Blaustein, David Sheffield and Don Rhymer. Why it will be dreadful: Nobody can channel the spirit of the Great One. Why it will be dreadful: This promises to be a plot-heavy romp that could easily fire blanks. In this version, Bruce heads to the Himalayas to train with Neeson, shades of The Phantom Menace and returns to Gotham to find a bad city run by a good cop, Jim Gordon Gary Oldman and overrun with creepy villains, chief among them the Scarecrow Cillian Murphy.

Enter Kidman.

Meet Italy's Most Famous Gigolo

Why it will be fabulous: If the acidic journalist and fictioneer Ephron has put some punch into it, this could prove to be dark fun. The cast is certainly high-octane, and the plot-tinkering sounds interesting. Why it will be dreadful: The reason this was canceled is that the one-joke premise grew stale. Continuing the Romero Dead saga, the film envisions a post-apocalyptic world in which humans live in fortified cities while trying to ignore the fact that every place outside their walls is inhabited by flesh-hungry zombies.

And Romero is not the kind of director who will go soft. Starring: Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly, Pete Postlethwaite and Ariel Gade. Why it will be fabulous: The original is one of the scariest movies ever, and Salles is no slouch. Also, both of the Hollywood Ring movies and The Eye cribbed liberally from the original already.

List of neo-noir films

Fantastic and the hideous Thing. The superhero team, a year-old Marvel Comics institution, battles its armor-clad nemesis Doctor Doom McMahon ; chaos ensues, duh. Why it will be fabulous: Because Marvel has managed to do the superhero movie thing right with the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises. Why it will be dreadful: Then again, The Punisher , Daredevil , Elektra and Hulk were superawful, and the trailer looks fantastically horrid. He enlists a skinny white kid Qualls and a heavyset pal from way back Anthony Anderson to record his autobiographical rhymes.

Hope turns to tragedy turns to triumph in the most overwrought, hackneyed hit to come out of Sundance this year. Why it will be fabulous: Terrence Howard, also starring in the ensemble drama Crash , is stunning — worth the price of admission, especially if you can get the early-bird discount. Why it will be fabulous: Any movie that envisions Christopher Walken as a presidential candidate must be fabulous. Why it will be fabulous: Thornton has a way of giving an edge to icons.

Rodney Dangerfield: Respect at Last – Rolling Stone

If he can make Santa hip, he can do the same for sandlot ball. Unless the kids shoot steroids, this is bound to seem corny. Why it will be fabulous: House had several loose ends that needed tying up, including the true nature of the mysterious Dr. Why it will be dreadful: Dr. When amusingly named protagonist Lincoln Six-Echo McGregor learns this uncomfortable truth, a bunch of chases and explosions and really quick edits ensue.

In one story, a father Arnold and his gay-but-fighting-it son Jason Ritter turn out to be sleeping with the same woman Gyllenhaal. In another connected tale, Kudrow plays an L. She ends up meeting John Cusack. Why it will be fabulous: Most guys wanna get with Diane Lane, and most women wanna get with John Cusack. And neither is repellent to the same sex, which is a plus.

Terms for males

Why it will be fabulous: WarGames meets Short Circuit? How could it not be? Why it will be fabulous: Chandrasekhar reportedly keeps the proceedings as delightedly mindless as his boob-tube inspiration. Why it will be fabulous: It takes les grandes balles for Martin to assail the rich life and high art of Inspector Clouseau.

Find The Pitch

The smart money says non. When they awaken in the future, they find that society has become so dumbed-down that they are now the smartest people alive. Why it will be dreadful: Pick a title, already, buttmunch! Directed by: Mike Bigelow a newcomer hired purely for his surname, apparently. Why it will be fabulous: Could be as cool as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind but much more action-packed. Then they were mauled to death.

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Why it will be dreadful: Unless you really despise animal activists, it sounds like one hell of a downer. Why it will be fabulous: Carl Ellsworth writes well about smart, butt-kicking chicks. Why it will be dreadful: It was dreadful back when it was called Turbulence and starred Lauren Holly. Something about a mystical realm and forces of good and evil, with lots of fights choreographed by the master, Yuen Wo Ping. Morris Chestnut presumably has flashbacks to Anacondas. Why it will be fabulous: Cole Hauser is one of the great bad actors of our time, doing his father proud.

DeCencio, Ph. Michael J. John J. Edward T. John F.

Don E. Savannah J. John R. Christopher C. Martin A. Romana C. Mary J. Walter H. Norma R. Frank George Hale Dudley G. Paul L.